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Game info: 

This is an infinite top-down shooter arcade game where you can only shoot and dash.  This game was made by 4 people as a submission for Touhou Station Jam 2021 within under a week's deadline.


  • left click to shoot
  • right click to dash, you are invincible the first half of the dash but not the second half
  • Press R to restart if something is wrong
  • Press esc to quit the game

Rules and Mechanics:

  • You will switch weapons every 10 seconds depending on which side of the arena you are at, switch side to "transfer department" of weapon manufacturer to get desired weapon.
  • Upcoming weapons are previewed, as well as bonuses that come with it.
  • Staying on one consistent side every time the timer hits zero earns you favors towards that side.
  • The more favors you have, the higher your score multiplier.
  • Switching sides will grant you health, but will also reset your current Multiplier and Favor Gauge.
  • Overhealing at Max HP gives you a HP part, collect 2 to gain a Max HP (up to 9)
  • Enemies spawn endlessly and keep getting harder, defeat them and don't get hit.
  • Survive, aim for a high score and good luck.
  • Normal movement? haha, who needs that!


extra credits:

Special Thanks:

  • laspider45 : for play testing
  • Ferdy's Lab : for play testing and creating a guide
  • Extruderx : for creating the cursed monolith challenge run that inspires this game
  • Touhou Station : for hosting the game jam


version 1.1 change log:

  • Updated the tutorial to include mentions of building up max HP
  • You can now press esc to quit at any screen
  • R key is used to restart the game now instead of the backspace
  • Added a proper credits window
  • Updated the main menu
  • Highscore now displays on the title screen
  • Gameplay tracks are now being played one after another instead of being randomized
  • Heavy machine gun rework: starting fire rate is the maximum, but now starts out very inaccurate, gets accurate over time
  • Ying yang orbs now bounces at their edges instead of their center point
  • Increased triple weapon's fire rate
  • Increased shotgun damage
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed the custom cursor issue
    • Fixed a bug that the right weapon preview card will not flash when you are over it
    • Fixed a bug where 2 waves spawn at the same time
    • Fixed a bug where the kappa portraits will not flash red when their weapon was chosen
    • Fixed a bug where heavy machine gun will not reset after letting go the mouse
    • Revolver projectiles collisions are more consistent when in close range
  • New weapons: 
    • Shooting star: a revolver that shoots phasing bullets, phases 1-2 times once traveled through a wall, piercing
    • Spray & pray: high fire rate weapon with a wide firing radius, good AOE weapon but quite inaccurate
    • Shockwave: a shotgun that shoots 360 around the player, can also clear surrounding bullets, no recoil, can be used defensively
    • Morning star: surround yourself with drills, makes you defensive against to melee enemies but not enemy bullets, no recoil, more of a defensive weapon
    • Bouncer: a revolver that shoots bouncing bullets, bounces 3 times, piercing, it is surprisingly easy to land trick shots without doing so

Disclaimer: Touhou Project original concept, characters, and other elements are the property of ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice. This game is a fan made work and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original creators. Please support the official series. Wiki: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Top down shooter, Touhou
Average sessionA few minutes


HMB_v1.1_AllBuilds.zip 191 MB
HMB_v1.1_Linux.zip 57 MB
HMB_v1.1_Mac.zip 51 MB
HMB_v1.1_Win_32.zip 39 MB
HMB_v1.1_Win_64.zip 42 MB
HMB_Builds_v1.0.zip 191 MB
No_Sound_2.zip 39 MB

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